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Spring/Summer Offerings

I hope you got a chance to really enjoy the weather recently. Alex is exhausted after a full day of classes and an hour romp in the woods!

I wanted to make you all aware of the following class openings we have and give you a sneak peak at the summer schedule.

We have a NEW LEVEL 3 class on Wednesday’s at 12:30pm starting 4/25 so if you’’ve finished Level 2 and want to practice all the things you’ve learned in an OUTDOOR environment - THIS IS YOUR CLASS! We practice in and around West Concord, visiting stores, passing people on sidewalks, practicing Recalls and MORE. Sign up now, there are a limited number of spots available in this class! You can start this class anytime between 4/25 and 5/24, if you begin this class after 5/24 it will finish during the summer season on Tuesday's at 9:30am.

Our LEVEL 4 - Canine Good Citizen class on Tuesday’s at 2pm starts 4/25 and only has 2 openings left! Level 2 is required for this class, Level 3 is recommended.

Our LEVEL 1 classes have openings on:

Tuesday’s at 9:30am starting on 5/16

Tuesday’s at 11am starting on 5/23

Wednesday’s at 9:30am starting on 5/24

So if you know of someone looking for a Puppy K class, let them know!

Our LEVEL 2 classes have a limited number of openings left until our summer session, please check the schedule for the GREEN squares that indicate space is available starting on that date.

We will be winding down ALL of the above classes before the end of June to make way for our summer session.


During the 8 weeks of summer I will be offering Levels 1,2,3, Tricks and Adventure, using a “pick 6” approach. This means there will only be one 8 week session per class (no rolling admissions) and for Level 1 you pick which 6 weeks you will attend of the 8 weeks offered. For Level 2,3,Adventure and Tricks you can pick 6,7 or 8 weeks and pay a prorated amount for the class. $250 for 6, $290 for 7 or $330 for 8 weeks. Our summer session runs from 7/10 to 8/31. I have found the Pick 6 approach allows people some flexibility during the summer/vacation months.

Our schedule will be:

Tues at 9:30am Level 3 (pick 6,7,8 classes to attend)

Tues at 11am Level 1 (pick 6)

Tues at 12:30pm Level 2 (pick 6,7,8 classes to attend)

Wed at 8am Adventure (pick 6,7,8 classes to attend)

Wed at 9:30am Level 1 (pick 5)

Wed at 11am Level 2 (pick 6,7,8 classes to attend)

Thur at 9:30 Play and Train

Thur at 11am Tricks (pick 6,7,8 classes to attend)

Thur at 12:30pm Possibly Level 4 - CGC (let me know if you are interested, I will only hold this class if I get enough interest - class minimum is 4 participants)

These classes will go LIVE for registration on Monday 4/16.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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