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Level 3 - Master Puppy

For those puppies who have finished our Level 2 class (or equivalent elsewhere) and are now ready for the challenge of working outdoors and in more challenging situations indoors!  We will have this class outdoors as weather permits, and focus on Leash Walking, polite greetings, polite public behavior as well as recall and settle behaviors in public areas. When the weather is not conducive to training outdoors,  we move it indoors where we play training games on and off leash!  Maximum class size is 8 teams.

 Pre-req: Level 1 and 2 or equivalent 

Level 3 class offered on

Monday's at 12:30pm (until April 30) rolling/flexible admission*

Wednesday's at 12:30pm starting May 1.

*This class offers rolling admission and flexible registration option.  Our default enrollment is 6 consecutive weeks for $250.

But if you need a more flexible schedule we also offer 3 alternative enrollment periods:

6 weeks for $250 - must be completed in 10 weeks

8 weeks for $333 - must be completed within 12 weeks

10 weeks for $420 - must be completed within 14 weeks

When registering for flexible enrollment, please register for each individual class you want to attend by using the 'repeat' button on the registration form.

Level 3.jpg

Our Level 3 class practicing heeling and stays.

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