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Level 2 - Graduate Puppy

For those puppies and adult dogs who have mastered the basic skills in a non-distracting environment and are now ready to be challenged with more distractions. This class focuses on the additional skills of Leave it, Front, Finish and stay as well as how to increasing distractions and the next steps of Go to Mat, Loose Leash walking and Recalls (aka Come). 

Pre-req: Level 1 

Level 2 classes are offered on​

Tuesday's at 12:30pm  - rolling admission/flexible schedule*

Wednesday's at 11:00am  - rolling admission/flexible schedule*

*This is a rolling admission class which means you can join anytime there is a spot available.  Flexible schedule means you can schedule your 6 classes on non-consecutive weeks as long as you complete 6 classes within 10 calendar weeks.

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