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Level 1 - Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 10 weeks to 9 months, this is a basic skills class and also includes common puppy issues like house training, puppy nipping and jumping.   Skills taught include; sit, down, wait, stay, go to mat, beginning leash work, touch and watch. NO PRE-REQUISITE FOR THIS CLASS.

Puppy Kindergarten - new classes start about every 2 weeks:

Tuesday at 9:30am starting 6/25/24 -  Full

Tuesday at 11am starting 7/16/24 - Full

Wednesday at 9:30am starting 7/31/24 - 5 spots left

Level 1 - Beginner Obedience

This is basically the same class as above for Puppies/Dog's OVER 6 months of age.  ​This class will be customized to account for skills that your dog already knows. NO PRE-REQUISITE FOR THIS CLASS.

Check back in the Fall for this class to start again, in the mean time the max age for Level 1 has been increased to 9 months

Level 1 - sit.jpg
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