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On Location - This is for teams that have done at least 1 round of Level 3 and are looking for more!  We will be visiting various locations within 30 minutes of West Concord to enhance our Public Skills behavior with new and novel locations every week.  Pre-Req - Level 3 or pre-approval from Judy

Thursday's at 1pm starting May 30th 5 weeks $210 - 5 spots left.

Rally - Is for new and returning Rally enthusiasts. Rally Obedience is a sport designed for the companion dog that emphasizes team work on leash. Pre-req: Level 1 & 2  This class covers the basics of AKC Rally focusing on leash walking with your dog while you learn sport of Rally.  Pre-Req: Level 1 & 2 or equivalent

Rally All Levels - Check back for new Rally class times.

Tricks - This class is for anyone that has finished their Level 1 class or above, (although Level 2 is recommended) and wants to have a little fun with their dog.  Our goal is the take the AKC Novice Tricks Title test at the end of the class, by preforming 10 tricks as outlined in their test requirements.  This class is also available to those that have done the Novice Tricks title and want to complete their Intermediate title.  This class is offered as a 6 week class periodically, please see calendar for times and availability.  Pre-Req: Level 1, Level 2 recommended.

Thursday's at 11am starting 5/23 ending 6/27 - FULL

Adventure Class- This is a group class for dogs who do not run away off leash. (Prerequisite: Level 3 Obedience or prior approval from Judy)  We work on developing long distance cues as well as improving responses to basic cues in real world off leash situations. This is an outdoor, group adventure with the dogs off leash! This class will meet rain/snow or shine so dress appropriately!  Adventure classes are offered spring - fall as a 6 week class, please see calendar for times and availability.  Level 1, 2 & 3 or permission from Judy.

Friday's at 9:15am  starting 3/29 - FULL 

Therapy Test Prep- his class will prepare you to take for Therapy dog Certification tests.   Dogs must be at least 1 year of age and have completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 classes or the equivalent.  This class is offered as a 6 week class periodically, please see calendar for times and availability. Level 1,2,3 &4.

If you are interested in this class, please contact me, I have a 'to call' list of people interested and will offer the class when I get enough interest.

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Practicing Tricks

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