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Over the years I have found several products that I really like.  I use these products and they offer discounts to people if I refer them to you.  

These are the products I use personally on a daily basis.

These are some of my favorite products.

Click on this link for discounts off Spot and Tango subscription.  This is a subscription food that I use as a treat at the training center, it is well liked by most of the dogs and puppies that come there and I consider it my go to high value reinforcer for my dog. 

Click on this link for discounts off Fig & Tyler products.  These are very high value, freeze dried treats.  Personally, I like the 'training morsel' sized treats because I don't have to split them into smaller pieces!

Ulti-Mutt has great heavy duty biothane leashes as well as a collection of food search toys that Alex LOVES!  The prices are reasonable and with the code PROPERPAWS you will get 10% off your purchase!

Here's the link to their web site,   Use the referral code 5J28FW when you check out and get a free band.

This is a great 'home alone' toy as well as a great tool for those very active pups that need a job while you're on the job!  Alex loves hers!  Use coupon code JUDYBERNARD to get a discount on your order.

My dog's harness, the platforms and my air platforms all come from Blue 9.

Siligrams makes custom silicon product (including the molds for dog cookies), I used one of their molds to make dog cookies for Alex's birthday celebration.  USE COUPON CODE PROPERPAWS to get a 25% discount!

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