Something for Every Dog



New Puppies - New puppies should enroll in 4 weeks of Puppy Play and Train, followed by Levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.  This provides your new puppy will both early socialization and training thru early adolescents.  Those that want to do further training, prepare their dogs for Therapy work, competition or just to keep their pups engaged can then enjoy the upper level classes such as Nose work, Rally, Tricks, CGC, CGCA and Adventure Class!   


Newly acquired or older Puppies/Adult dogs - Since puppies older than 6 months may have behaviors that need to be modified we recommend private training for Level 1 Obedience, or the Self Study program with 1-2 individual private appointments,  before matriculating into group classes at Level 2. 


Is the class you want full?  Need nights and weekends or flexible hours?  I now offer an on line, self study program .  6 weeks of prerecorded classes, along with all my on line class material including 100+ page written manual, video tutorials and homework to guide you thru the program, available on line to you 24/7 when YOU have the time to do it!  All for $150.

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Group classes are available Monday - Thursday's between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.  All classes are 6 weeks for $210, unless otherwise noted.  Rolling admission means you may begin anytime if there is room in the class, maximum class size of 6.  Group classes are not appropriate for all dogs, if your dog is aggressive or uncomfortable around other dogs or new things please look at private sessions or behavior consultation.

Please note - due to a continuing influx of new puppies most of our classes are currently booking new reservations 6-8 weeks in advance.  I do offer a limited number of Zoom attendees in each class which may be available sooner.   Please call for details.



Puppy Play and Train - Socialization class  - This is a drop off weekly socialization class for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age.  Pre-registrations is required, a maximum of 6 puppies will be in each week and puppies MUST have  proof of Kennel Cough vaccine to attend. The class format is a drop off with zoom access, so you can watch and hear all the action as well as ask questions!  The goal of this class it to provide appropriate early socialization opportunities for young puppies in a controlled, supervised setting, as well as introduce young puppies to basic obedience cues including name recognition, watch, touch and sit.  This class will be supervised by dog behavior professionals.  Cost is $20/session

Thursday's from 9:30 - 10:15 am for puppies between 8-16 week old,

Level 1 Obedience - For puppies up to 6 months, this is a basic skills class and also includes common puppy issues like house training, puppy nipping and jumping.   Skills taught include; sit, down, wait, stay, go to mat, beginning leash work, touch and watch. Puppy Kindergarten classes are offered on

Tuesday's at 11am - rolling admission*

Wednesday's at 9:30am - rolling admission*

Periodically we add classes to the schedule to handle increases in demand, pleae check to schedule for times and dates of other Level 1 class offerings.

*Rolling admission means you can start as soon as there is room in the class!

For Puppies over 6 months of age with no formal training, I recommend private training to get started before you join the group classes at the Graduate Puppy level.

Level 2 Obedience - For those puppies and adult dogs who have mastered the basic skills in a non-distracting environment and are now ready to be challenged with more distractions. This class focuses on the additional skills of Leave it, Front, Finish and stay as well as how to increasing distractions and the next steps of Go to Mat, Loose Leash walking and Recalls (aka Come).  Pre-req: Level 2 classes are offered on

Tuesday's at 12:30pm

Wednesday's at 11am


Level 3 Obedience - For those puppies who have attended Graduate Puppy I class via Zoom and know the Leave it, Stay and Front/Finish skills and are now ready for the challenge of working outdoors around other dogs!   

 Pre-req: Level 1 and 2 or equivalent 

See calendar for times and availability.


Level 4 Obedience aka Canine Good Citizen  Outdoors -This is a preparation course for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. The test includes 10 elements of good behavior including, walking on a loose leash, greeting a friendly stranger, coming when called and ignoring other dogs while on leash. Test will be administered during the last class.   Pre-req: Level 1 & 2, Level 3 recommended.

Level 5 Obedience aka CGCA  - For those puppies and dogs that have mastered all the basics in a moderately distracting environment, this class is designed to improve all behaviors in the public places you will need them! Field trips to the local parks, the train station and public areas will be used during class time (weather permitting) to give you and your dog real world experience. Pre-req: Canine Good Citizen  Check the schedule for time, dates and availability.

Fear Free Vet Visits - This class is for dogs of all ages and is designed to teach skills that will help your dog feel more comfortable at the vet.  Skills taught include; targeting behaviors, go to mat, chin rest, ear, feet and body handling, understanding and responding to your dogs fear/anxiety/stress signals, and more.  There is no pre-requisite for this class, all ages and skill levels are welcome!  Dogs MUST be comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people!  This class is offered periodically, please check the schedule or call.


Nose Work Basics - This class is for anyone that has finished their Puppy Kindergarten class or above, and wants to teach their dog how to find things with their nose.  Nose work basics will teach you and your dog games that lead to your dog's ability to find objects, people and/or specific scents that are hidden.  This class is offered periodically, please check the schedule or call.


Tricks - This class is for anyone that has finished their Puppy Kindergarten class or above, and wants to have a little fun with their dog.  Our goal is the take the AKC Novice Tricks Title test at the end of the class, by preforming 10 tricks as outlined in their test requirements.   This class is offered periodically, please check the schedule or call.

Rally - Is for new and returning Rally enthusiasts. Rally Obedience is a sport designed for the companion dog that emphasizes team work on leash. Pre-req: Level 1 & 2  Check the schedule for time and date.

Wag it Games - This is a fun class for dogs and people and combines elements of Rally, Agility, Nose Work, trick training and Trieball in a fun, companion dog friendly format. You can learn more about Wag it Games at click here. I am a certified Wag it Games instructor. Pre-Req – Level 1  Please check schedule for time and day.


Therapy Dog Training - This class will prepare you to take the Therapy Dog International test.  Dogs must be at least 1 year of age and have completed Puppy K, Graduate Puppy and Master Puppy classes or the equivalent.  Therapy Dog classes are offered periodically throughout the year.

Adventure Class- This is a group class for dogs who consistently come when called off leash. (Prerequisite: Master Puppy or Private evaluation with Judy) We work on developing long distance cues as well as improving responses to basic cues in real world off leash situations. This is an outdoor, group adventure with the dogs off leash! This class will meet rain/snow or shine so dress appropriately!  Adventure classes are offered spring - fall, check the schedule for days, times and availability.



I am currently not accepting any new private training clients.

Pre-Puppy/Pre-Adoption Preparation - A 60 minute session for $125, designed for those who are getting ready to or thinking about getting a puppy or bringing a dog home from a rescue/shelter. Get your questions answered before your puppy/rescue dog comes in the door! 


Single Session Consultation - If your dog has one or two issues that you'd like to address, like pulling on leash, not coming when called, barking for attention this is the class for you.  Sessions can be scheduled on an individual basis.  If your dog barks and lunges at other dogs or people, has difficulty being home alone, or exhibits other behavioral issues, please see behavior consultation service below.  

Single Session at the training center are $150/hr.


Package Programs - A set of 5 one hour lessons, done over a 90 day period, for Puppy K, Beginner Obedience (recommended for puppies and dogs over 6 months), Graduate Puppy, Adolescent dogs, Shelter/Rescue dogs.  These programs are designed to address typical obedience skill building (sit, down, stay, come, leash work and building skills with increasing distractions), and are not appropriate for behavioral issues such as reactivity, aggression or separation anxiety.

 Package of 5 one hour sessions at the training center $500.

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I am currently not accepting any new Behavior Consulting clients.


Behavior Consulting is available for dogs that have more difficult issues.  This involves making a thorough assessment of the issues, providing a training plan for you to work through and following up to ensure a successful outcome.  I work with dogs that are dog/dog aggressive, have separation anxiety, fear based behavioral issues and more.  I do not work with dog that are aggressive toward or have bitten people.  Initial Behavior Consults are 2 hours in length, held at the training center and cost $250, one hour Behavior Consults $200  Follow up appointments are 1 hour and cost $150/hr.