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From Puppy to Adulthood, we've got you covered!



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Group classes are available Monday - Thursday's between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.  All classes are 6 weeks for $250, unless otherwise noted.




PUPPY TRAINING PACKAGE  -  Sign up for up to 4 Play and Train classes AND Level 1 - Puppy Kindergarten for a total cost of $290.

PUPPY TRAINING PACKAGE II - Sign up for up to 4 Play and Train classes, Level 1 - Puppy Kindergarten and Level 2 - Obedience at the same time, for a total cost of $525.


PUPPY TRAINING PACKAGE III - Sign up for up to 4 Play and Train classes, Level 1 - Puppy Kindergarten, Level 2 - Obedience at the same time, AND Level 3 - Obedience for a total cost of $775.

What's included with  your class:

       - 6 one hour weekly in person classes where we practice and problem solve your training issues.

       - On line written training manual, including sections on crate training, house training, tricks and more.

       - On line video tutorials showing the exercises/game you will do in classes.

       - On line Weekly Homework and Assessments.

       - On line handouts on typicaly puppy behaviors and what to do about them.

       - Videos of any class you have to miss so you don't fall behind.

Please Note: All dogs/puppies attending classes must show proof of Kennel Cough vaccine and up to date vaccination records  prior to attending their first class. 


Makeups are not available due to the nature or our enrollment, we do offer previously recorded classes for those classes you can not attend. 


Cancellations/refunds will be accepted up to one week prior to the start of class, no refunds or credits will be issued after that date.

Group classes are not appropriate for all dogs, if your dog is aggressive or uncomfortable around other dogs, people or new things please contact me and I will be happy to assist you in finding a qualified professional in your area!

Group Class Offerings

Puppy Play and Train - Socialization class  - This is a drop off weekly socialization class for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age.  

Level 1 Puppy Kindergarten - For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months,


Level 1 - Beginner Obedience  - same class as above for Puppies/Dog's OVER 6 months of age. 

Level 2 Obedience - we work on new behaviors as well as making the Level 1 behavior better.T

Level 3 Obedience - we work on all the behaviors taught in Level 1 and 2 with increased distractions and more difficult situations.

Level 4 Obedience aka Canine Good Citizen -This is a preparation course for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.


Tricks - This class is for anyone that has finished their Level 1 class or above, (although Level 2 is recommended) .

Rally - Is for new and returning Rally enthusiasts, or anyone who is looking to make their loose leash walking better in a fun way!

Therapy Dog Training - This class will prepare you to take for Therapy dog Certification tests.   

Adventure Class-  This is an off leash group class.

60 Minute Workshops



I do have a limited number of private appointments available for current and past clients to help with specific issues or to help with material covered in the group classes.

If you need a Behavior Consultant or want private lessons, please contact me for a referral to a qualified professional in your area.

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