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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

We have plenty of options for classes this winter to keep those skills sharp so your well trained puppy will be a well- trained dog this spring! All classes are $180 for 6 weeks.


KNOW –Puppy Kindergarten classes will be offered on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 11am, and Wednesday’s at 3:30 pm. Puppies will learn all the essential skills like watch, touch, sit, down, etc. Although the puppies get to play at the end of the classes, we also have our hour-long Puppy Socialization on Thursday’s at 12:30 pm for puppies between 8- 18 weeks of age. Here, your puppy will get to have positive interactions with other dogs of the same age, energy levels and play styles! Pre-requisite – puppies must be under 6 months old for Puppy K and under 18 weeks for Socialization class.

New this year, Beginner Obedience this class will be offered on Monday’s at 11am. It is designed for older puppies between 6-12 months of age with no formal training and will cover all the basics, just like Puppy K! So if your friends missed out on Puppy K or have a new but older rescue puppy, this is the class for them!

Graduate Puppy classes will be held on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 12:30pm as well as Thursday’s at 9:30am. If you’ve done Puppy K and are wondering “What’s next?”, this is the class for you. We work on all the skills you learned in Puppy K (plus cues like “Go to Mat” and “Leave it”),

but without the walls! The goal of Graduate Puppy is to build fluency with increased distractions (like other dogs!). Prerequisite is Puppy Kindergarten (mine or someone else’s) or private training equivalent.

Wag it Games AND Tricks Class, will be on Thursday’s at 11am. This is a fun class is designed to enhance the communication between you and your dog. During this six week class you and your dog will learn how to navigate bridges, tunnels, jumps, do tricks and more! Your dog can learn shake, rollover, and may even learn to bow! At the end, you and

your dog can even have the opportunity to test all those great skills and earn your AKC Novice Tricks Title! Pre-requisite: Puppy-K, recommend Graduate Puppy as well.

Master Puppy Class INDOORS is held on Wednesday’s at 9:30 am. Master Puppy classes are for dogs who have completed Graduate Puppy and are ready to step up their training to real- world and off leash work. The class is held outdoors, when weather permits, but indoors we are challenged with a great variety of games and off leash exercises including impulse control behaviors (“down” and “leave-it”), recalls, and greetings. Pre-requisite for Master Puppy classes is at least one round of Graduate Puppy. and/or Graduate Puppy Level II.

Graduate Puppy Level II – This classes is offered on a rolling basis on Tuesday’s at 9:30am, and culminates in the opportunity to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam. Pre-requisite: Your dog must be 6 months old, have attended a Puppy K and at least one round of Graduate Puppy class.

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