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Spring and Summer Happenings 2019

As we make our way through the rainy season (I hope) and into the summer I wanted to let you all know about the exciting new classes that we will be offering at Proper Paws between now and August.

Our first session of Adventure Class is going to be wrapping up in a couple of weeks, we’ve had a great time letting the dogs play and practicing lots of recalls while out on the trails, as well as practicing lots of other skills.

Our next session of Adventure begins the week of May 20th, classes are on Monday’s or Friday’s at 9:30am and will run thru the end of June. The summer session of Adventure will run from 7/9-8/27, pick any 6,7,or all 8 weeks! Cost will be prorated based on the number of weeks you choose. Classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am to avoid the heat! Pre-requisite for Adventure class is Graduate Puppy and at least a 70% recall. Spots are limited so sign up now!

Wag it Games has NEW TWIST changing to Wag it Games AND Tricks. Right now the class is offered on Wednesday’s at 2pm, it will move to Wednesday’s at 9:30am for June, July and August.

This is a fun class designed to enhance your dog’s bond with you and teach your dog how to pay attention to you even with distractions. During this six week class you and your dog will learn how to navigate bridges, tunnels, do shake, rollover and maybe even learn to bow! You can even take a test for your AKC Novice Tricks Title at the end!

PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES THE FIRST WEEK OF JULY! I hope everyone has a happy 4th, and remember to keep your dog’s safely inside and away from loud parades and fireworks.

Rally (Tuesday’s at 9:30am) class is winding down for the season, but if you are interested in trying it out, I will offer single classes at a rate of $30/class, thru June 11th (registration required). Come check it out. For more information on AKC Rally, check out the video on their web site

Master Puppy classes are currently on Thursday’s at 11am, running thru the end of June, they will be held on Wednesday’s at 8am in July and August to avoid the heat! Master Puppy classes are for dogs that are ready to step up their training to real world conditions.

The class is held outdoors in public and is designed to create fluent behaviors in real world situations. We work on lots of leash walking in and around West Concord, impulse control behaviors (down and leave it), recalls and public greetings. Pre-requisite for Master Puppy classes is at least one round of Graduate Puppy.

Puppy Kindergarten classes are full right now so I am offering an ‘overflow class on Tuesday’s at 2pm.

For the months of June and July we will continue to offer Puppy K on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 11am, with Puppy Socialization on Thursday’s at 11am.

Graduate Puppy classes currently have openings and with 8 more weeks until the end of school there’s still time to squeeze in another class!

If you’ve done Puppy K and are wondering what’s next, this is the class for you. We work on all the skills you learned in Puppy K (plus ‘Go to Mat’ and ‘Leave it’), but without the walls! The goal is to build fluency with increased distractions. These classes will also be held in July and August on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30am.

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