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Fall/Winter Update

Have a Happy Fall and Safe Holiday Season.

I would be remiss if I didn’t first remind everyone of the dangers of the upcoming holiday season for your pets. Thanksgiving is a great holiday, with great food and lots going on, but can put our pets in danger. Turkey and other fatty foods can cause pancreatitis and should be avoided. Other foods to be careful of include; onions, yeast doughs, raisins, grapes, chocolate (especially dark or unsweetened) and xylitol which is an artificial sweetener that is particularly dangerous and is used in candies, gums and even peanut butter! For more tips and suggestions please take a look at

Also the poison control hotline for pets is a great number to have on hand

What’s Happening

And What’s Coming

Current Classes

Our fall classes are mostly full, although we still have one or two slots for Puppy Kindergarten available in October, November and December, if you know of someone getting a new puppy who’s looking for a class let them know! We also have one or two openings in Rally and Wag it Games. The Master Puppy and Adventure classes are winding down as the weather gets colder and we will be adjusting the schedule to accommodate new classes for the winter.

Winter Preview

This winter we will be offering Canine Good Citizen classes as well as Tricks class and another Fear Free Veterinary Visits.

Puppy Kindergarten classes will be offered on Tuesday’s at 11am, Wednesday’s at 11am and 3:30pm. Graduate Puppy classes will be available on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 12:30pm as well as Thursday’s at 9:30am.

We will also be offering a NEW Puppy Preschool class. This class is designed to teach life skills for very young puppies (8 – 12 weeks) and will focus on early socialization, solving common puppy problems like nipping and jumping, house training, interaction with kids and more. The class will be on Friday’s at 11am.

Next on the list, Rally Obedience which will continue on Tuesday’s at 9:30am! This is a fun way to really hone your leash walking and general obedience skills. Rally Obedience is an AKC sport and consists of a series of 12-18 stations where your dog does an obedience skill, either moving or stationary, before advancing to the next station. This class is designed for students of all levels..

Wag it Games class will moving to Tuesday’s at 2pm in January. This is a great follow up to Graduate Puppy class and builds obedience skills as well as dog/handler connection. Wag it Games consists of teaching your dogs to work with equipment, learn nose work skills and do some ‘flat work’ similar to Rally. You can see more about this program at

Again this winter we will be offering a Tricks class on Wednesday’s at 9:30am from 1/9 – 2/20. This is a 6 week class (no rolling admission), and is open to anyone who has completed Puppy K. We will be working on a variety of tricks and will culminate the class with testing for the AKC tricks titles,

For those of you who have completed Graduate Puppy and are ready for a challenge we will offer a 6 week Canine Good Citizen class on Thursday’s at 11am from 1/10-2/21, as well as on Wednesday’s at 9:30am from 2/27-4/3. Both classes will run for 6 weeks (no rolling admission) and culminate in the AKC CGC test.

Here’s a visual of the schedule starting in January.

If you have an interest in any of these classes or want to know more, or if you have an idea for a class that you don’t see, please do not hesitate to contact me at Have a wonderful holiday season, hope to see you soon!


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