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Upcoming Classes and Availability

As we approach the busy holiday season this is your last chance to get your puppy into a class before the holiday's hit! Here is the latest info on all my classes, you can use this link to register for any of these classes now! GROUP CLASS REGISTRATION

I have available openings in Level 2 AND Level 3 classes as follows:

Level 2 - Tuesday's at 12:30pm starting 10/18 (3 spots available)

Level 3 - Wednesday's at 12:30pm starting on 10/18 (2 spots available)

Level 2 - Wednesday's at 11am starting on 10/26 (1 spot)

Our Level 1 classes continue to be booked well in advance, so if you know someone who has just gotten a puppy let them know there are

spots available in the Play and Train socialization class, which they should take BEFORE starting Level 1!

If you are interested in a Therapy Dog Prep Class,

please message/email me. I am looking at squeezing this class in starting mid-Nov on Wednesday's at 2pm. If I get enough interests I will put it on the books.

Finally, we have 2 spots left in our Fun Nose Work Class on Thursday's at 11am starting on 11/10, so if you are interested in teaching your dog the fundamentals of nose work and learning lots of different ways to play nose work games, this is the class for you.

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