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Spring 2019 News

Welcome to Spring, soon, I hope, maybe……..

OK, maybe I’m pushing it, but I was really hoping we’d be able to get out of the Winter season without a lot of snow or really cold temperatures…… I guess that was way too much to ask.

At any rate I am looking forward and setting schedules for spring. Here’s what’s in the works at Proper Paws. Detail descriptions of the classes are below the calendar.

Class sign up is available now for classes starting in April, sessions starting in May will be available for signup after 2/25.

* Overflow classes will be activated in the event all other classes fill up.

“Session” Classes – these classes run for specific sessions and MUST be signed up for from beginning to end.

Canine Good Citizen – We will run another CGC class (as long as there is enough interest) on Wednesday’s at 9:30am starting on 2/27 and running thru March 4th The AKC offers this test as a way to measure your dog’s basic obedience skills, it is a 10 part test and we practice all the parts during the class, whether you take the class to hone your dog’s skills or to pass the test it is a great way to gain fluency in some of the most needed skills. Dog’s must be at least 1 year of age and have completed Puppy K and Graduate puppy.

Fear Free Vet Visits - Four week Class on Thursday’s at 11am from 2/28-3/28. This four week course is designed to teach humans and dogs how to have an easier time at the vet office. If your dog has shown fear or anxiety during their vet or groomer visits or has trouble having their toenails trimmed, please consider this class. I work closely with Fear Free Veterinary practitioners in the area to help dogs have an easier time with their veterinary care. No obedience training necessary but dogs must be non-reactive (ie not bark and lunge) toward other dogs and people.

Adventure Class - begins in APRIL! Calling all Adventure’s our Adventure class will be held on Monday’s and Friday’s at 9:30am from April – June in two sessions. Session #1 will run from 4/1 - 5/6 and Session #2 will run from 5/13 – 6/24.

Adventure class is for dog’s who have at least a 70% recall, get along with other dogs off leash, and are ready to hone their off leash skills. We will be visiting a different location each week, with the goal of practicing basic skills in an off leash setting. Pre-requisites: Puppy K and Graduate Puppy are a MUST, Master Puppy recommended, dog must have at least a 70% recall in mild/moderate distractions. Please contact Judy if you are not sure that your dog is ready for this challenge.

Rolling Admission Classes – these classes offer rolling admission, sign up for the class when you want to start! All classes are 6 weeks from sign up.

Puppy Pre-school - resumes in March at a new time and new structure – Thursdays from 1:45-2:15, this 45 minute session will be for puppies 8-12 weeks of age only! It will include puppy play and discussions on early puppy training and management. Each weekly discussion will be determined by the participants. This is a GREAT way to get a new puppy off to their best start. If you know someone getting a new puppy please spread the news about this exciting new class.

Puppy Kindergarten – offered on Tuesday’s at 11am, Wednesday’s at 11am and 3:30pm. For puppies under 6 months of age to learn basic skills including; sit, down, come, stay, wait and basic leash work.

Graduate Puppy - offered on Tuesday’s at 12:30pm, Wednesday’s 12:30pm and Thursday’s at 9:30am. For puppies who have completed Graduate Puppy and need to practice those skills with distractions. New skills will include; leave it, go to mat, front and finish. Pre-requisite – Puppy K

Rally – offered Tuesday’s at 9:30am. AKC Rally is a competitive sport designed to make you and your dog function as a team! The focus will be on leash skills, learning the signs and improving your communication with your dog. If you are interested (or get interested) in the competition, there is coaching for shows as well. Pre-Requisite: Puppy K and Graduate Puppy.

Master Puppy classes - starts in April on Wednesday’s at 9:30am and Thursday’s at 11am. This is a general obedience class done out and about in West Concord and Concord center with the goal of practicing our skills in the real world. We will do long down stays at Dunkin’, people greetings at the train depot, Recalls at Rideout and more! Pre-requisite: Puppy K and Graduate Puppy, all dogs must be people and dog friendly, handlers must be able to manage their dogs near other dogs and people.

Overflow classes – I have designated Tuesday afternoons for overflow classes for the Puppy Kindergarten (2pm) and Graduate Puppy (3:30pm) classes. In the event all the regular Puppy K or Graduate Puppy classes fill up, I will activate those classes.

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